24. Feb
Every good conversation starts with a good listening. Whynot?
good listening

Every good conversation starts with a good listening.

Probably, the most of you already knows this sentence. It is (or, better, it should be) a workhorse for those who are used to working  every day with social media and communication, in a professional way.

We believe that every conversation and dialogue start with a good listening. Maybe this is the first reason why we created this project (and this blog, too). Because we want to listen to you, Whynotters.

Tell us something about you, about your Whynotter credo.

When was the first time you have heard this word and you thought “yes, that’s the best definition ever for myself”?

Above all, Why do you feel Whynotter?

Which adjectives best represent your belonging to the Whynotter community?

Which is the sentence you want to respond WhyNot to?

Tell us in any way! You can write it here in words, or share with us on our social channels an image or quote representing your quintessence of Whynotter.

In the next post we will tell you our experience. The first time, when you realize you have a little ‘whynotter too, is an experience you will never forget.

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Be Creativity, Be Revolution.

Be a Whynotter!


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