Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,

Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend

More than cool reason ever comprehends.

                     William Shakespeare

              A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Did you recognized these words? It’s a well known verse in Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Shakespeare.

 You may be wondering about the reason why the second post of this blog is about the great british poet.

Actually, when we decided to start this crazy project, Whynotter, we haven’t decided a precise topic to discuss on the blog.

What you can write in a blog “speaking” to Whynotter around the world?

Well, you can tell stories of whynotters, by whynotters, for whynotters!

Today “Lovers and Madmen” are the whynotters, even if we like to define them “crazy lovers”, because everyone loves is crazy, almost just a bit. Right?

It is precisely the Lovers and Madmen to be the protagonists of one of our Whynot T-shirt (yea, we have Whynotter T-shirts!).

 The opportunity to officially launch our Whynot T-shirts is Valentine’s Day, but in the end – we admit – it  is just an excuse.

Because, as woman whynotters (and even both Sagittarius!), we believe that Valentine’s Day is every day, if you love someone. Wherever you are. Wherever your beloved is.

Why did we decide to write Whynotters quotes on T-shirts?

Perhaps, it is because when we see a great quote capturing our attention, which we feel fully represented from, and that empower us just by reading it, we would have it with us. Concretely.

Do you ever wear a certain jersey in a day because it accurately represents your mood of the day?

Well, it is something similar to what we thought.

Last summer, by chance, we found a white t-shirt with two simple  words: Why Not?

Needless to say, we felt in love instantly.

We love believing that  who designed that T-shirt was a Whynotter, of course.

From there to create real t-shirt Whynotter, the step was short. Because after all those statements are really something meaningful for a whynotter. Firstly, we would want to wear them all!So, we created some LoveQuotes T-shirts for Valentine’s Day, but…

there are many more Whynot T-shirts.

Have you already look them all?

Found them all here and write us which is your favorite one!

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