Do you know what is the most beautiful thing of being whynotters?

You can not become whynotter. Or, almost, I don’t think so. You are born whynotter or you are not whynotter.

And if you are not one of them, maybe you could hate those who are crazy, always enthusiast about life. Those who, if you ask them “Go and bring me the moon”, the ansie you “Ok, give me some minute sto under stand the better strategy to reach the moon and then I will go and i will bring you the moon.

Anyway, you are born whynotter. You have its seeds in your DNA. You spend your life listening other people talking about you in a certain way, using certain adjectives. Then, it happens you have the meeting that changes your life.

You meet someone who tells you are a Whynotter. Firstly, you don’t know what that word means exactly. Then, you under stand that is a kind of definition of what you are. What you are proud to be. Because, by acting, whynotters reach what others see as unacheavable.

As a short story teaches.

We don’t know who the original author is, but it worth it. For sure.

The yesbutters have all the answers….  Yesbut we’re different. Yesbut we can’t afford it. Yesbut our business doesn’t need it. Yesbut we couldn’t sell it to our workforce. Yesbut we can’t explain it to our shareholders. Yesbut let’s wait and see. All the answers. All the wrong answers!

Whynotters move Companies, so the next time you’re in a meeting, look around and identify the yesbutters, the notnowers and the whynotters. God bless the whynotters, they dare to dream, and to act. By acting, they achieve what others see as unachievable!

Before the yesbutters yesbut you right out of business, “why not”, indeed?

- Author Unknown -

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