who we are



Determination helps turning dreams into projects and then into small tangible realities.

The best in having an idea is finding the right people to share and realize it with.

We are two young whynotters who met together thanks to a common idea: a dream to make true..

You know, dreams need the right space to grow fertile.

Thus Whynotter was born.

This is a place for whynotters, visionaries and dreamers communities.

Because the future belongs only to those who still believe in the beauty of their dreams.

We do believe in it. And if you have come down to here, perhaps you believe it too.

Welcome, Whynotters!


eugenia moratoEugenia Morato

Whynotter, Creative and Cultural planner. Blogger and Social Media lover. A mad Dreamer loving Advertising, Fashion, Design and Art. CEO and Founder of Very Creative People. Co-founder of Whynotter. Born in Italy, World Citizen, currently living in Sydney. Crazily in love with NYC.


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